Educational qualifications

Undergraduate student of Computer Scienses at the University of Helsinki, main interest in Intelligent Systems.

Ongoing Laudatur level studies in Computer Sciences (>60 CU)
Completed Cum Laude level studies in Mathematics (35 CU)
Completed Approbatur level studies in Sociology (15 CU)
full details available.

Command of languages

In addition to Finnish, an excellent knowledge of English, workable knowledge of Swedish and to a lesser extent German.

Key areas of knowledge

Programming. Best familiriality with Java, C++, PHP and Perl but also some knowledge of more than a dozen other languages, including functional programming languages such as Lisp and SQL for database interaction. Knowledge of the general patterns of languages and programmings allows for the rapid learning of new environments and languages.

Unix Computer Administration, with more than 5 years of diverse experience. Best knowledge of Debian Linux systems but also knowledge of the various BSD-family operating systems and SGI Irixes.

Website Administration, HTML-programming and scripting. In the past, maintainership of several web-servers and their content.

Poinst of character

I am friendly, sociable and helpful. In a friendly atmosphere I get along very well with people, but need others also to be welcoming in order to easily integrate with groups. I am not a socially aggressive or dominating person and find such people harder to cope with than others.

I am a positive person who wants to see the best in others. In my previous leadership tasks I have been encouraging and supportive, but disciplinary measures are hard for me.

I am resourceful and good at finding out any information I need. People come to me with their technical problems and are satisfied with the help they receive. If I do not know the answer to a question, I will find it out.

I am also dedicated in the sense that after I set my mind to a problem, I will not submit to failure. I will not be completely at ease until the problem is solved.

I am a quick and good learner. I find I work best in situations that provide a challenge and require innovation and the digestion of new information. Repetitive, "easy" work tends to bore me, but I will not shirk away from even such work because I value my work ethic and the co-workers depending on me to get the job done.

Highlights of previous work experience

3D molecule reconstruction work and modelling support (using primarily the COMET Maximum Entropy Reconstruction program in collaboration with it's creators in the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden), publication image layouting and some video-editing work at the Institute of Biotechnology, from 1998 to the present.

Partner in the company Sange founded in 2000, a hosting provider for companies and communities. Co-maintainer of the FreeBSD server, the main web-hotel -server, maintainer of, the DNS-server (running NetBSD). Some freelance programming and consultancy work through Sange.

Webmaster of the (then) Novell/Netscape web-server for approximately 8 months in 2000, including some scripting work.

Collaboration with Design Motor through Sange in web-site design for companies is being studied.

Other possibly relevant past experience

Maintainer and owner of the home-based Linux server, online since 1998, offering highly advanced web, mail, ftp, irc, cvs, shell, http-tunnel and other services to friends. The website also contains large amounts of custom scripting.

Participant in a Software Engineering Project, part of the compulsory studies at the CS -department of the University of Helsinki in the spring of 2002. The topic of the project was an intelligent virtual art-display for the University Museum using semantic web, artificial intelligence and information system technologies.

Operator of the 2 node BBS "The Temple" from 1995 to 1998.

Webmaster and technical administrator for, a site for a Finnish roleplaying association. Also the chairman of the association for 2002.